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We use the laws of Mother Nature to make industry cleaner, lower cost and lower risk. Our ceramic technology offers a non-toxic pathway to asset preservation.

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Our nano-ceramic particles mimic atmospheric corrosion, but trap the iron atoms in steel in a dead-end ceramic reaction. This creates room temperature glassification of the steel surface, which then becomes an inert ceramic-metallic composite, and unable to corrode.

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Zirconia manufactures an inorganic polymer coating that immortalizes steel using a biomimetic strategy. Our inorganic polymer is extremely tough and abrasion resistant.


Markets we serve

Our technology can be used in a wide array of industries. Here are a few of them.

Energy Infrastructure

Zirconia‚Äôs technology means the energy industry finally address the critical problems that lead to corrosion and the resulting expense and liability. Our technology fixes problems without other answers, and can provides a pathway to the……

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Our ceramic technology platform makes old and new forms of manufacturing much more durable, and resilient. With immunity to UV, salt and abrasion, our ceramic-polymer surface interface is tough stuff, and makes all surfaces made……

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Zirconia technology eliminates the bankrupting “rust-repair-repeat” treadmill. Our technology preserves carbon steel, galvanized steel, and concrete assets, dramatically extending their lifespan. It can be shop applied, or used to renovate assets in the field using……

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The sum of infrastructure is a scale immense beyond imagination. 300 Trillion dollars of construction build our world, with 3 Trillion worth each year reduced to dust by rust. Until today...

- Benjamin Cook, CEO Zirconia